KUBE Blast Systems

History in the making

History in the making

KUBE Blast Automation offers high-quality surface preparation systems, designed and manufactured in Europe.

With a focus on advanced technology and innovations, KUBE has a product range covering both Manual Blast/Spray Room systems, including advanced abrasive recovery and recycling as well as Automated Wheel Blast systems including Through Feed Roller Conveyor, Hanger and Table systems.

KUBE Blast Automation’s company strength is in the robustness of its designs, as well as in its partnerships with global market leaders in component and technology development.

Our Mission

To be agents of change for fabricators and OEM's, and help them take full control of their blasting and coating operations by bringing it in-house.

Our Vision

To be the No 1 trusted partner for fabricators and OEM's based on our core values of Kinetics, Usability, Best and Environment.

Our people

Backed by a team of professionals with almost 5 decades of experience in the blasting and metalworking industry, KUBE offers you a range of blasting solutions, created to make your workshop thrive.

Sales Team

All of our projects start in the hands of our experienced salespeople, who have been in the blasting industry for years, consulting and guiding clients towards the right solution. They will help you pinpoint what your production issues are and how to effectively address those problems, increase speed, performance, and reduce manual labour. Rest assured, our consultants have the answer for you.

Engineering and Installation Team

With our comprehensive and regionally located Engineering & Install team, you can have confidence from the start with a KUBE install.

We directly employ our team and this gives us and therefore you the control needed when installing a complex project on site.

Aftersales team

We have a network of engineers spread across the UK and Ireland, on-call and ready to deal with reactive and proactive maintenance issues in record timing. The team is available for on-site inspections and can arrive as fast as 24 hours, reducing downtime and unnecessary costs for you as much as possible. Their years of experience make them suitable to tackle every problem you may have. 

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Throughout the journey and the various evolutions that led to the creation of KUBE, the stand-out features of our offerings has always been quality products, excellent day-to-day performance and aftersales back-up that in the words of clients goes "above and beyond.

KUBE provides some state of the art automated systems covering: Manual Blast/Spray Booth systems - including advanced abrasive recovery and recycling, Automated Wheel Blast Through Feed Roller Conveyor Systems, Rotating Hook Blast Systems and Rotating Table blast systems.