Continuous line blasting for even the largest

pre-fabricated products!



The OHM Series is the perfect option for handling even large pre-fabricated items. The OHM system works equally well as a stand-alone unit or as part of an overhead finishing line. Manufactured using high-quality German electronic PLC control componentry, this system can be configured with different numbers of blast wheels to take into account the line speed and the geometric complexity of the objects that are to be blasted.


OHM systems may also benefit from the addition of a

manual blow-off and touch-up blast booth connected to the outlet end of the machine. This allows you to remove the abrasive from all of the areas that shot may have built up during the auto-blast cycle and for that shot to be recovered back automatically to the main abrasive bunker.


Long-lasting steel shot is used to achieve the correct blast pattern and these abrasives offer a high recycle, low-cost, energy efficient method of removing casting sand and scale, existing coatings and all manner of contaminants to provide the right finish for your final coating. 


Ranging from 0.5 - 3m


Ranging from 1m to 5m


Ranging from 7.5kw wheels to 30kw wheels


can be designed to any configuration required


Highly-flexible operations

More than 100 programming options available. (additional programme memory available if required)
Easily work with large, geometrically complex items.

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KUBE OHM Series at a glance

High capacity elevator recovery system 
Quietly and efficiently removes used abrasive to the media cleaning system for recycling
4 to 24 wheels depending on system size, component geometry and required blast speed
Modern, energy efficient dust extraction system 
Remove any dust and contaminants removed or produced during the blast process
Wide range of overhead rail capabilities right from 500kg through to 15 tonne capacity
State of the art, auto-balance throwing wheels providing low energy and quiet continuous operation

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Featured Technology

  • KUBE Tri-layer
  • Dust Collection
KUBE Tri-layer

KUBE Tri-layer

Triple-layer blast chamber system is available. 

Our standard machines have double thickness (8mm) manganese wear plates, an 8mm manganese casing, and then if you choose the Tri-Layer option you can choose between either a 6mm construction steel outer or an 8mm manganese additional outer.

Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Having powerful and efficient extraction is essential to the ongoing cleanliness of your operation

Finely controlled airspeeds remove the maximum dust in the minimum time, with the modern cartridge system being constantly cleaned with a reverse pulse air jet during operation.

HEPA filtration is also available to the outlet for situations where externally ducted extraction is not possible.

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The 3 week install ended up being under 2 weeks.

Robert Savage, GR Contracts Ltd


Bespoke Options

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7.5kw to 30kw motor versions available for the shot throwing wheels

Variable speed console available for more delicate component applications

Project specific overhead infeed and outfeed rail designs

Bespoke hook and carrier layout according to client requirements

Bespoke cabinet sizing

Bespoke blast wheel layout, taking required blast

geometry into account

Bespoke overhead rail configuration, including:

Bespoke design available for integration within existing factory coating lines.

Bespoke external recovery floors available on the outlet, to minimise shot loss.

Bespoke blow-off and touch-up blast booths can be added at the outlet, with recovery back to the main abrasive bunker


Standard 2 year warranty

3 and 5 year warranties also available.

Servicing Packages

Starting from 2, 3, and up to 5-year servicing packages available.

Delivery and commissioning

are always included within our price.

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OHM series of through-feed roller conveyor blast systems are individually specified accordingly to the needs of each factory. An initial phone call or online meeting determines your overall application.

Then a follow-up meeting is held at your factory to look at your needs in detail and based on this, we present an initial version of our solution. Subsequent discussions will fine-tune this specification to exactly

what you require and the technical specification for your machine is collated at this point, ready for the build.