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The KUBE TF Series is an industry leading Roller Conveyor Automated Shot blasting system.

The TF is an effective choice for fabricators and OEMs who need to remove scale and rust from steel profiles and sheets.

The system is available in a variety of configurations, ensuring the proper preparation of each surface before painting.

A modern compact design, takes up less workspace and can be installed without major civil works in certain circumstances.

KUBE TF can be configured from 4 to 12 throwing wheels, and it can be equipped with powerful direct-drive motors from 11kW upwards.

The KUBE tank also has the ability to provide industry-leading brush/blow off and secondary recovery solutions, ensuring maximum shot retrieval.


600 mm to 3000 mm


500 mm to 1800 mm


11 KW to 22 KW turbines


3 m to 24 m infeed and outfeed


Store your stock steel outside, release space for production internally
Replacing aging machinery pays through elimination of breakdown downtime
Enjoy quieter and dust-free operation
New machinery offers the chance to significantly improve health and safety
Eliminate labour intensive grinding & fettling processes
Reduce your logistics & transport costs

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KUBE TF Series at a glance

Triple casing - Thickest manganese wear plates in the industry
The closest roller pitch in our industry.
High core hardness to blades and housings
Shortest standard minimum length of workpiece in the industry
Heaviest roller capacity offering in the industry
Powered infeed and outfeed, design delivery and installation always included in the price

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Featured Technology

  • KUBE Shotkeeper
  • KUBE Tempest
  • KUBE Tri-layer
  • KUBE Plus10 Option
  • KUBE Twin-Lift
  • Dust Collection
KUBE Shotkeeper

KUBE Shotkeeper

Enhanced outfeed recovery system. 

This full-width abrasive screw recovery ensures maximum recovery external to the blast and outlet chambers, extending either 1 or 2 metres along the rollers or can be designed to run the full length of the outfeed conveyor. This is particularly useful with products that are fabricated pre-blast, or are awkward profiles, as they can be blasted and then "flipped" to remove the abrasive, and the extended ShotKeeper will automatic recovery that abrasive back to the blast system for cleaning and re-use.

KUBE Tempest

KUBE Tempest

As standard this is achieved with a powerful fan and a strong brush system, and then in certain circumstances we may also specify a secondary blow-off chamber with an additional compressed "air knife" system. For post-fabrication blasters, our unique system of external blowers are individually adjustable to suit each piece coming from the machine to remove shot from awkward profiles.

KUBE Tri-layer

KUBE Tri-layer

Triple-layer blast chamber system is available. 

Our standard machines have double thickness (8mm) manganese wear plates, an 8mm manganese casing, and then if you choose the Tri-Layer option you can choose between either a 6mm construction steel outer or an 8mm manganese additional outer.

KUBE Plus10 Option

KUBE Plus10 Option

An advantageous package that provides you with the opportunity of a full blast & coat capability inhouse for only 10% of your blast system price.

KUBE Twin-Lift

KUBE Twin-Lift

Unique double belt and bucket elevator option. 

Provides a machine height of less than 5m without a pit, or the possibility of as low as 4m with a pit.

This can even be used in conjunction with the KUBE Flat-Floor feature!

A remarkable combination of these two innovative options means no pit is required. An overall height of less than 5m is achieved when these two options are utilised. All without affecting the chamber sizes available.

Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Having powerful and efficient extraction is essential to the ongoing cleanliness of your operation

Finely controlled airspeeds remove the maximum dust in the minimum time, with the modern cartridge system being constantly cleaned with a reverse pulse air jet during operation.

HEPA filtration is also available to the outlet for situations where externally ducted extraction is not possible.

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The 3 week install ended up being under 2 weeks.

Robert Savage, GR Contracts Ltd



Standard 2 year warranty

3 and 5 year warranties also available.

Servicing Packages

Starting from 2, 3, and up to 5-year servicing packages available.

Delivery and commissioning

are always included within our price.

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The KUBE TF Series of through-feed roller conveyor blast systems are individually specified accordingly to the needs of each factory. An initial phone call or online meeting determines your overall application.

Then a follow-up meeting is held at your factory to look at your needs in detail and based on this, we present an initial version of our solution. Subsequent discussions will fine-tune this specification to exactly

what you require and the technical specification for your machine is collated at this point, ready for the build.