Technology Partners

KUBE Blast Automation is designed and manufactured in Europe.

As a high-quality brand, KUBE involves in the making of its products several trusted names of the industry. We are partnering with these brands for their expertise and extensive knowledge, in order to build systems that are smart and functional in every angle. Let’s take a deeper look at some of our partners and their contributions to the KUBE Automation systems:

  • Siemens
  • Schneider Electric
  • Ervin Amasteel
  • WEG Motors
  • Riello Burners

Siemens industrial controls and power distribution

Industrial controls and power distribution are crucial when building digitally literate machine systems. Siemens takes care of KUBE’s low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation technology, from the infeed to the load. 

The brand provides a broad portfolio of systems and components for this purpose that can be used for standard-compliant, requirement-based electrification. Efficient engineering tools and cloud-based solutions are also part of the portfolio. 

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

Regarding low-voltage electrical distribution, KUBE also relies on Schneider Electric. One of the best systems that we use, is their trademarked air circuit breakers, MasterPact™ MTZ. MasterPact™ air circuit breakers incorporate the latest digital technologies to provide improved power uptime and energy efficiency.

Another valuable system is the Powerpact 4 Powerboard. This product is a perfect solution for applications where space is restricted. The Powerpact 4 meets all UK requirements and is compliant with BS EN 61239-1.

Ervin Amasteel

Ervin Amasteel abrasive solutions

Their technology for high carbon steel abrasives is the most advanced solution in the world. Continuous quality control in combination with the cutting-edge production process optimises durability and cleaning power. 

Some of the key benefits when using AMASTEEL are a low consumption rate,  a ratio of more productivity for a lower cost, reduced wear, dust, and waste disposal. The 100-year-old brand manufactures its products in Glaubitz, Germany.

WEG Motors

WEG Motors Ventilation Systems

The ventilation system design of the W22 line provides lower noise levels and allows a better distribution of the airflow over the motor, which minimizes hot spots on the surface, airflow dispersion, and increases reliability while extending usage lifetime.

The fan cover is made of cast iron, offering greater impact resistance. The frame design contributes to increased heat exchange between the motor and the environment, extending the bearing lubrication intervals.

Riello Burners

Riello Burners

With over 90 years of experience, Riello offers the leading technology and flexible burner design in the UK and Ireland. Thanks to projects and solutions aimed to exploit efficiently all types of energy, Riello is the Italian brand leader in manufacturing systems and technologies for heating and cooling. 

Riello's strength is the result of its innovative capacities and the experience it has acquired over the years, based upon the reliability of technicians and field experts.