Spray Booth SystemS

Coating with minimum downtime!



Watching paint dry will never make a company any money. Continuous energy costs for the booth heating , heat loss from lack of recycling, and long heat up times do not help either. These are just some of the most prominent factors that waste time and resources in a blasting department.

Building the SB series, we had one simple goal: reduce downtime to a minimum.

Every company has a responsibility to use our Earth's resources wisely - reducing energy usage should be a big part of this; the KUBE SB series provides the perfect mix of the capability to get the job done in the shortest possible time but with the least amount of energy input, taking care of the spraying operators in the process.


KUBE SB Series brings a bright, clean, innovative, well ventilated, thoughtfully designed spray booth system, that will provide a highly functional solution, give a swift return on investment and offer ongoing low maintenance requirements.


Ranging from 3 meters to 8 meters


Ranging from 3 meters to 8 meters


Multiple sections for multiple spraying operations


Ranging from 5 meters to 25 meters


Minimise downtime. Minimise energy usage. Maximise throughput.

Eliminates the downtime involved in heat-up time and curing time.

Energy eficient thanks to a make-up air unit that requires only 20% new heated air once it's up to full temperature.

The best insulation structure available in the industry to retain as much heat as possible - particularly important during the curing cycles.

All PLC controlled with up to 100 different program cycles.

No "dead patches" in the booth - in terms of temperature and extraction.

Forced air ventilation to prevent trapped VOC’s beneath the coating surface.

Effective with both water based paints and oil based paints.

Heating system can be powered by natural gas, tank gas, or oil.

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  • ATEX Lighting
  • ATEX Certified Doors
ATEX Lighting

ATEX Lighting

Lighting has an essential part in workplace equipment, especially when working in hazardous environments. Areas need to be well-lit to ensure operations can be completed safely and effectively. The lighting used in our KUBE spray booth systems meets every requirement in creating a safe, compliant worksite. 


ATEX lighting products are shockproof, they feature antistatic plastic parts that avoid all spark risks and they offer low heat emission to reduce risks of flammability, providing you with the light you need to complete tasks safely and with excellent visibility.

ATEX Certified Doors

ATEX Certified Doors

The dangers of static electricity or electrical sparking from an unprotected motor are a real threat. Our roller doors are in total compliance with ATEX directives and are great for the security of hazardous areas and blasting workplaces that deal constantly with fumes and gases.


KUBE SB Series at a glance

Curing cycle of up to 72 degrees Celsius available as standard
ATEX door system
Interlock safety systems
Bright and shadowless lighting
Insulated booth structure to avoid temperature variations
Effective fume extraction system, reducing overspray
Effective Filtration System providing a good, fast airflow to draw the VOC's before the coating starts to harden
Powerful extraction system ejecting to the correct height

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Standard 2 year warranty

3 and 5 year warranties also available.

Servicing Packages

Starting from 2, 3, and up to 5-year servicing packages available.

Delivery and commissioning

are always included within our price.

Additional Options

Plastic or wax peel-off wall and ceiling protection available - enables you to return your investment to its brand new look time and time again.

Venturi jet technology - reducing by two thirds most curing times.

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The KUBE SB Series of through-feed roller conveyor blast systems are individually specified accordingly to the needs of each factory. An initial phone call or online meeting determines your overall application.

Then a follow-up meeting is held at your factory to look at your needs in detail and based on this, we present an initial version of our solution. Subsequent discussions will fine-tune this specification to exactly

what you require and the technical specification for your machine is collated at this point, ready

for the build.