KUBE Blast Automation

Kube Blast Automation attends the MACH 2022 Exhibition

For the first time ever, KUBE Blast Automation presented its products at the biggest manufacturing event in the UK, the MACH 2022 Exhibition.

Our team of experts was available at booth 20-941 to show our visitors how our fully automated systems can improve blasting processes while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

During the five days of the exhibition, we presented several blast automation solutions, such as the flagship Throughfeed (TF Series), followed by the most requested Blast Booth (BB Series), and then by the Rotating Hook (RH Series) and Spray Booth (SB Series).

Our team was very excited to witness a significantly high demand for automated blast systems. A lot of interested visitors approached to learn more about our product range, their innovative technology, and added benefits towards the optimisation of blast workshops.

KUBE Blast Automation was founded in 2017 to respond to the growing demand for automated blasting systems. Since its inception, it has been developing highly innovative systems that drive productivity and bring a new level of sustainability to metal blast finishing.

The new and improved featured technology, combined with the decades of skill and experience of our team, make the flawless combination that differentiates KUBE from other names in the industry.


Safety and Productivity

The main benefit that our blast systems guarantee, is the elimination of almost all manual labour. This has proved to change dramatically the role of operators in the workshop, allowing them to spend their time more efficiently, make work more streamlined, and give an overall better performance.

Other than productivity and profits, KUBE products also contribute to the safety of operators. For example, the KUBE TF Series eliminates labour intensive grinding & fettling processes and conducts quieter and dust-free operations, notably improving their health and safety.

The same goes for the KUBE blast booth and spray booth systems. The BB Series requires minimal labour for clean-up, providing a clean, safe, and better environment to work. The SB Series features forced air ventilation, preventing trapped VOCs beneath the coating surface and securing an effective fume extraction system.



As important is also the level of sustainability Kube Blast Systems brings to your workshop.

Being sustainable is for sure an ambitious goal, especially in our line of work. However, we try, in each of our actions, to make up for the environmental invasion by working constantly on new ways to minimize negative environmental impact.

KUBE Blasts Systems use steel e grit, an abrasive which is reusable between 30-40 times. This proves to be a way smarter investment than the one-time-use abrasives out there, which have a lot of impact, adding also the carbon offset produced from their transportation to a workshop.

On the other hand, the spraying equipment conserves the coating as much as possible and minimises waste, reducing the impact on the environment.

As a relatively new name in the blasting industry, we used our time in the MACH Exhibition to further raise awareness about our brand, and present our points of contact for all interested visitors, such as our latest website and expert brand representatives.

MACH 2022 was a great headstart for our brand and we are very grateful to have been a part of it. We look forward to new events and exciting opportunities to meet again!